food truck victoria bc

Reinventing Comfort Food

Serving delicious Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Mac & Cheese and more, made from scratch recipes.  Located in Victoria, BC.




Food truck victoria bc

Where to find us

As a mobile food vendor, we move around a lot. Most often we can be found in the Westshore Communities, Colwood, Sooke as well as various other events around the Victoria area. Summer is market season including Esquimalt Lagoon and the Sooke Night Market. Download the Street Food App to get our most up to date schedule and locations. Follow us on Facebook for daily updates.


The Grill to the Mac Sandwich

Our signature item is a grilled cheese sandwich filled with creamy mac ‘n’ cheese.  Yes, you can add bacon and a variety of hot sauces.



Food truck Victoria BC

We are mobile!

Book us for your event.  We regularly attend festivals, markets, sporting events, office lunches, private parties… most large gatherings of people.  We are self sufficient, providing our own power and water.  You provide the hungry folks. Email info@grilledtothemac.com for more information.



Grilled Cheese Sandwich  $8

aged white cheddar, monterey jack, swiss gruyere, love, thick sliced local sourdough bread

Grill to the Mac Sandwich  $10

our signature grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with mac & cheese

Combo  $11

half grilled cheese sandwich with side of mac & cheese

Mac & Cheese Dog  $10

Red Barn bacon cheddar smoked sausage on a grilled roll topped with our creamy mac & cheese and toasted panko crumbs

Mac & Cheese  $7.50 / $12

pasta tossed with our scratch recipe aged white cheddar sauce topped with toasted panko crumbs

Jalapeno Cheddar Mac  $9.50 / $14

mac & cheese zested with aged white cheddar and a jalapeno compote

Mac Lorraine  $10.50 / $16 

mac & cheese with chopped Red Barn double smoked bacon and caramelized onions

Phillips Sodas  $3

Intergalactic Root Beer * Speed King Cola * Sparkmouth Ginger Ale * Dare Devil Orange Cream

*Menu may vary with daily specials and events






We use locally sourced Canadian food products

local food product logos

Our Schedule and Location

Download the Street Food App of Victoria to get our most current schedule on your mobile devices.

Which Came First – The Grill Or The Mac?

A classic is re-born.

Grilled To The Mac was inspired from a visit to a food truck festival several years ago in Vancouver. BC. It was there that owner/operator Dan Humphries was exposed to the unique twist this type of food service had to offer and creativity each of the trucks presented. The decision was made to begin the journey. It was felt that Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Mac & Cheese are the staple classics that appeal to so many of us, and more or less the business took off from there.

Traditionally flavoured fare with fresh, contemporary touches… re-inventing comfort food is the idea here, with cheese being the wonderful common denominator. Though Humphries brings over 30 years of food service industry background into the business, the classic mac & cheese recipe is “as close to mom’s as I could get.” Everything is made from scratch, using fresh local ingredients including bacon, other meats and vegetables from Red Barn Market, dairy from Island Farms, breads from Portofino Bakery, and Phillips Sodas. permitted food truck Victoria BC

“When you support Grilled To The Mac you’re also supporting many other local businesses and keeping our community’s economy flowing, which is something I feel is important and I’m very proud to offer through my business.”

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